The Cox group is involved in the study of laboratory kinetics and mechanisms of the elementary processes that occur in the atmosphere. Our research contributes physico-chemical data, which is used by ourselves and other members of the atmospheric science community to gain greater understanding of our atmosphere and how it may respond to future global change. Current research areas are summarised on Dr Cox's home page.

The group is involved in a number of large-scale projects funded both by the European Union and by the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Some current / recent research programmes include:

We are also currently involved in a number of smaller projects to look at (1) condensational growth of oxidised organic/inorganic aerosols,(2) oxygenated organics in the tropopause region - kinetics and mechanism of formation and (3) photochemical release of chlorine from sea-salt aerosols, see NERC's grants on the web. Core strategic research is also carried out for NERC under the auspices of the Distributed Institute for Atmospheric Composition DIAC.

Dr Cox is also involved in evaluating gas kinetic data in his role as Chair of the IUPAC Subcommittee for Gas Kinetic Data Evaluation for Atmospheric Chemistry