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A massively parallel tropospheric chemistry transport model

Latest news

23/6/09. HECToR has been upgraded to a quadcore system. Users need to recompile and modify run jobs.

28/2/08. p-TOMCAT now available on HECToR. See notes below and use new build and run scripts from links on right.

19/7/07. p-TOMCAT now available on Cambridge HPC 'Darwin'. See below for more details.
24/4/07. p-TOMCAT now available on local dobson cluster. See below for more details.
19/4/07. p-TOMCAT v1.5 released. See release notes below for more details.

Release notes

For details of the changes between model versions and new features, please read the release notes below. Please note that only the most recent model version is supported.

v1.5 release notes  
v1.4 release notes v1.3 release notes
v1.2 release notes v1.1 release notes
v1.0 release notes  

Old release notes for beta and alpha versions

How do I run the model on HECToR?

Notes on running p-TOMCAT on HECToR are provided here. You'll need to register for an account if you don't have one. You'll need to email Glenn for the authorization name and password to create an account.

How do I run the model on the Cambridge 'Darwin' HPC computer

Notes on running p-TOMCAT on the local Cambridge high performance computer are provided here.

How do I run the model on Dobson cluster?

Notes on running p-TOMCAT on our own local Dobson cluster are provided here.


Questions about the model can be directed to Glenn. Website by Glenn.

Configuration & code

Useful links


The following model configurations are recommended for v1.2 and above. Runtimes are approximate as they depend on chemistry used and amount of data read/written to files. Timings are based on standard 'c2' chemistry and typical model output.

Runtimes: T21   (5.6 degrees)

16 cpus.
nproci = 4,   nprock = 4

900 days in 24hrs (dobson)

Runtimes: T42   (2.8 degrees)

16 cpus.
nproci = 4, nprock = 4
250 days in 24hrs (dobson)

32 cpus.
nproci = 4,   nprock = 8

950 days in 24hrs (Darwin)
720 days in 24hrs (HECToR)

64 cpus.
nproci = 8, nprock = 8
1200 days in 24hrs (HECToR)


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