Dynamol - Training

  Dynamol Crystallographic Course - 26-27th October - Cambridge

  • All Dynamol fellows attended a two-days course on crystallography, part of the Dynamol training programme and organized by Global Phasing Ltd. (Dr. Gerard Bricogne and Dr Julian Holstein), right after the 4th workshop of the network in Cambridge.

  • The course programme, that includes lectures by local and invited experts in the filed, starts with an introduction to general crystallographic techniques, moving from there to more spectific techniques applied to supramolecular structures with practical sessions on structure solution and refinement.

    • Local speakers: Dr. Gerard Bricogne (Global Phasing), Dr Julian Holstein (Global Phasing) and Dr Tanya Ronson (Univerity of Cambridge)
    • Invited speakers: Dr Christian B. Hübschle (University of Göttingen, Germany) and Dr John W. Liebeschuetz (Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre)
    • JN