Dynamol - Training

The ITN network’s purpose is to train the recruited fellows to become world-class researchers. Training elements delivered within this ITN target to improve theoretical skills, practical skills, and complementary skills of the ESRs and ERs.

Each partner will act as supervisors for the fellows during the research projects and they will be responsible for local training at the respective host institution.

Local training will be complemented with secondments of the researchers to the laboratories of other partners and regular network-wide training events.

Secondment Plan

The secondment plan is designed so that the researchers benefit from resources and expertise of different partners. Concrete secondments currently foreseen to be crucial for succesfully realising objectives of this ITN are schematically shown in the graph below with the arrows indicating the direction into which the respective researcher will move.


Network training events

This network-wide training events (6 workshops and a summer school) will ensure that the appointed researchers receive a deep education in the areas most relevant for the overall topic of the network and develop communication and management skills.

Meeting/event Location Date Contributing Partners
1st Dynamol Workshop*: Dynamic Covalent Chemistry and Complex Chemical
France 8-9 November 2011 RUG /EPFL / UCAM
2nd Dynamol Workshop: Molecular Encapsulation Switzerland 1-4 March 2012 TU Kaiserslautern / KTH /
3rd Dynamol Workshop: Nanoparticles and Dynamic Materials Israel 15-17 July 2012 ER / Weizmann / U Twente
Summer School: Dynamic Molecular Nanostrucutres Groningen 9-13 September 2013 All Members + Invited
4th Dynamol Workshop: Applications of Nano-sized Compounds and Materials United Kingdom 23-27 October 2012 CAU Kiel / EPFL / Weizmann
5th Dynamol Workshop: Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Barcelona 17-20 April 2013 U Twente / FoN
6th Dynamol Workshop**: Research and Development in an Industrial Setting
Entrepreneurship / Commercialisation / Intellectual
Property Rights
Lyon June 2014 Micronit / Global Phasing /
Invited Speakers

*This WS will serve as the kick-off meeting of the network and all group members and invited speakers will participate.

**This WS will serve as the closing workshop of the network and all group members and invited speakers will participate.

Training courses on key techniques

Several key techniques have been identified so important to the field that they should be mastered by every ESR independent of whether these techniques are actually needed for her/his research or not. These techniques will be treated during the workshops and are specified in the following table with the contributing partners indicated.

Workshop No. Technique Contributing Partner
WS2 Isothermal Titration Calorimetry TU Kaiserlauten /RUG / CAU Kiel
WS4 X-ray Crystallography Global Phasing
WS5 Microfluidics Micronit
WS6 Microscopy, NMR WU/FoN