Dynamol - Research

The main objective of this ITN is to train a new generation of researchers in the field of Dynamic Molecular Nanostructures.

The scientific work programme is divided into four sub-programmes (SP 1 - SP 4), which will be carried out by 11 ESRs and 2 ERs in the laboratories of the full partners. The research projects of these researchers will be delivered as 12 work packages (WP) as indicated in the graph below. This graph also illustrates the synergies between the groups that allow close interactions within the network and also represents two global work packages that deal with overall management (WP 13), communication/dissemination (WP 14), and training (WP 15). Projected collaborations are specified in the following descriptions of the individual research projects.

  Sub-program 1 (SP1): Functional Nanoparticles

  • WP1: Template-directed Dynamic Surface Modification of Gold Nanoparticles - U Groningen

  • WP2: Template-directed Thiol Exchange on Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces - TU Kaiserslauten

  • WP3: Dynamic Ligand Exhange on Cyclodextrin Decorated Nanoparticles - Wageningen U (previously U Twente)

  Sub-program 2 (SP2): Boron-based Nanostructures

  • WP4: Boron-based Cages and Polymers - EPFL

  • WP5: Boron-based Dendrimers - CAU Kiel

  Sub-program 3 (SP3): Dynamic Molecular Nanocages

  • WP6: Dynamic Nanocage Assembly - UCAM

  • WP7: Guest Release Dynamics - UCAM

  • WP8: Dynamic Foldamer Assembly - UB1

  • WP9: Assembly of Synthetic Capsides - KTH

  Sub-program 4 (SP4): Self-Assembled Molecular Materials

  • WP10: Self-Propagating Assembly of Molecular-based Materials - Weizmann

  • WP11: Localised Surface Functionalisation within Microfluidic Channels - Micronit

  • WP12: Supramolecular Chemistry and Macromolecular Crystallography - Global Phasing