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  Dynamol Mid-term Review Meeting - 23th October

  • The Mid-Term Review meeting of the network was held on the 23th of October 2012 in Cambridge, just before the 4th Dynamol workshop ( 24-27th October).
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  • During this meeting the Research Executive Agency (REA) evaluated the running of the network, with particular attention to the training activities and networking aspects including activities across different sectors. The structure of the network and the Grant Agreement work programme was also reviewed.
    The Mid-Term Review Meeting is not a scientific evaluation of the Network, it should be understood as a constructive dialogue between network participants and the REA project officer and hence, as a valuable source of feedback to both the consortium and the REA.

  • Roles of the Coordinator during the meeting:
    • - To chair the meeting
    • - To present an overview of the network's progress.
  • Roles of the Marie Curie Research fellows during the meeting:
    • - To fill the online questionnaire at least two weeks before the MTR meeting.
    • - To present individual reports (10 minutes) introducing themselves, their background, their work, and their training experiences in the Network. This presentation should go beyond the scientific project and should include their expectations on the possible impact of the action on their future career.

  • MTR agenda: Download .PDF document.

  • Issues to be considered for review: Download .PDF document.

  • MID-TERM REVIEW meeting guidelines: Download .PDF document.